De DEUG is verheugd een keynote aan te kondigen waarin de interactie tussen systemen, nieuwe technologie en het onderwijs centraal staat.
Zac Woolfitt is lid van het Inholland Lectoraat “Teaching, Learning and Technology” en doet onderzoek naar de impact van technologie op het onderwijsleerproces in het hoger onderwijs.
De keynote wordt gepresenteerd in het Engels, zo ook Zacs introductie van de keynote hieronder:

Technology is changing Higher Education faster than ever before. This impacts students, lecturers and support staff. Technology is challenging the very structure of educational organisations but it can also be used to strengthen relationships. With the increasing availability of free online courses combined with increased costs for studying, there is more competition and pressure to deliver a quality programme. Those working in a back-office role may not see directly the changes within the learning process. Students have expectations regarding how technology can support their learning and interact fluidly to monitor their progress and study results.